WoodnLuxury, founded in 2005, has become a leader in custom upscale furniture. It is an Italian factory with manufacturing locations in Milan (Italy) and Alexandria (Egypt). No mass production! Each item is a unique project, crafted by hand using Old World techniques and top-grade solid wood materials. The result is excellent craftsmanship, exquisite quality and originality. Since 2005, we have been the leading company in the niche area of custom home bars and commercial bars.

What makes WoodnLuxury the leader in the luxury custom bars market?

Three reasons took us to the top:

a) Unique catalog that is constantly expanding. You have to see it yourself!

b) Unbeatable pricing. Luxury does not mean unaffordable.

c) Customization service. Change the furniture to suit your style, room requirements or just for the love of experimentation.

In brief, our products, prices and customization service have been unmatched in the American, Canadian and European markets.

And that is not all! Just like our products are personalized, our service is the same. Each project and each customer get the personalized treatment they deserve.

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