Indoor home bars: Accessories

1. Behind an indoor home bar you’ll find racks, drawers, and shelves that provide ample storage space for liquor, wine, glassware, and any other accoutrements your party needs.
2. A locking storage cabinet behind your indoor home bar ensures that no children can get into any adult fun.
3. Brass foot rails, built-in casters, and sophisticated marble tops make indoor home bars feel just like the real thing.
4. For wine connoisseurs who don’t require full indoor home bar amenities, a handsome and functional wine tower will keep all your bottles, stemware, corkscrews, and other accessories handy in a more affordable package.
5. An indoor home bar that includes built-in casino-style tabletop games such as roulette, craps, and blackjack will give your parties a distinct Las Vegas vibe.
6. Add to your home bar atmosphere with themed indoor home bars. From western saloon motifs to funky, art deco-inspired designs, the indoor home bar you choose will be a real conversation piece at your next party.
7. Though normally not included, bar stools are a must for any indoor home bar setup. Choose styles that complement your indoor home bar to fully capture the ambience of a real cocktail lounge.

Outdoor home bars: Accessories

1. Wheeled outdoor home bars allow you to move the bar quickly and easily.
2. Many outdoor home bar models are made to be paired with an umbrella, which allows you to mix drinks under a shady canopy.
3. Use the lower tier of outdoor home bars for mixing drinks, the upper deck for serving them.
4. Outdoor home bars can be made of aluminum, teak, pine, bamboo, or wicker and are weatherproof, resistant to rot and decay, and will not fade in the sun.
5. Fully enclosed storage keeps unwanted picnic guests out of your outdoor home bar supplies.
6. Tropical-inspired Tiki outdoor home bars feature authentic bamboo frame construction and thatched palm leaf roofs, the perfect outdoor home bar to turn your next backyard party into a Polynesian-flavored luau.
7. For a spur-of-the-moment party, choose steel-framed outdoor home bar with fabric panels. These outdoor home bars set up in no time and add a striking bolt of color to your fresh-air soiree.
8. Because outdoor home bars are weatherproof, cleaning them is a snap. Usually a quick blast with the garden hose will do the trick but a simple soap and water solution will take care of any stubborn grime.

Shopping for a Home Bar

Your perfect home bar should fulfill three essential functions of storage, display and convenience of serving. When shopping for a home bar it’s important to make sure that your bar has enough storage space both for bottles and glasses as well as a mixing-cum-serving counter. There’s nothing like a perfectly equipped home bar to keep up your spirits. Even if you entertain only once in a while, the sheer beauty of a home bar with an array of stylish glassware will add a touch of unmistakable class to your get-togethers.