Below are examples of how WoodnLuxury became the leading company for delivering custom home bars and commercial bars since 2005. We know our customers are happy when they send us photos of their bars so elegantly decorated.

Custom Bar 129 – 9 ft Solid Beechwood / Walnut Home Bar

Our client needed custom-made dining area furniture complete with a bar and bar stools to furnish his yacht. The project was a success, thanks to WoodnLuxury’s dedication to professionalism and high standards of quality.
M. Watsell, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Bar 247OAK – 12 ft Solid wood Bar w/ Marble Top

“I am writing to tell you I’m pleased by your products, I received our container on Friday. The bar looks great.”
– Bijam, PA –

Bar 128 – 8.5 ft Inlaid Beechwood Home Bar

“Thanks so much for all your help with our customized Bar 128.  It looks great and is very spacious.  We are very excited and are spreading the word about WoodnLuxury!”

– Jacob, San Jose, CA –

Bar 134 – 12 ft Inlaid Beechwood / Walnut Cocktail Bar

“You have been wonderful to work with, and the bar is really awesome. I had a couple of friends over this weekend, and they loved it. Thank you! “
Gus and Eunice Manolis, South Dakota

Custom Bar 132 – 17 Ft Inlaid Beechwood / Walnut Commercial Bar

“I was surprised to find such furniture manufacturer who is not only willing to take an individual custom order but also deliver exactly what I had in mind. Tom in particular was very diligent in paying attention to every detail to confirm that we get what we want.”
– E. Igwacho, Baltimore, MD

Customized Bar 248 – Rosewood European Home Bar with Marble Top

“You guys describe yourselves as the anti-Ikea and that is actually very true. Thank you for furnishing my favorite room in the world.”
– G. Braswell, Baltimore, MD

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