April 7, 2022 Custom Commercial Bars: Why Do They Build Circular Bars?

Custom Commercial Bars: Why Do They Build Circular Bars?

While commercial bars and home bars might seem like they have a lot in common, the needs of each diverge in many ways. In commercial spaces, it’s almost always the case that behind the bar there will be multiple bartenders. On the other side, many demanding customers. A circular design allows the bartenders to move smoothly between different spots and not necessarily in a linear fashion. They have to be able to serve simultaneously as many customers as possible. Such circular designs are rarely found in homes, usually in commercial establishments such as hotels, night clubs and restaurants. Note how many of the supplies that are in heavy use by bartenders are stored, or displayed, in the island in the middle of the bar.

These bars are less about style and more about functionality. Sometimes the style is inspired by Brunswick bars as in elements of Corinthian columns. Other times Art Deco is the natural go-to look since the design is already rounded. Circular designs make a warm statement that conveys a welcome to everyone. Watch a crowded space with a circular bar in the middle, and you will notice that its acts like a magnet attracting everyone around it. Hence, designers do not normally treat it like a standup bar. They surround it with barstools and add an overhang so customers slide their knees underneath and relax as they order their drinks and have conversations.